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Quick Style

The Quick Style, a Norway-based dance group was founded by Pakistani-Norwegian twin brothers Suleman Malik and Bilal Malik, and their Thai-Norwegian childhood friend Nasir Sirikhan. The group is known for creating unique dances that are a fusion of urban style and modern hip-hop. They won Norske Talenter, which is the Norwegian version of America’s Got Talent in 2019. The group has also choreographed three songs for BTS including Save Me, Blood Sweat and Tears, and Boy with Luv.
The group rose to fame in Pakistan when a video of them dancing at a friend’s wedding got viral. Take a look:


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Quick Style, who are collaborating with Coke Studio, are presently in Karachi, Pakistan. The co-founders of the group, Suleman Malik, Bilal Malik, and Nasir Sirikhan alongside one of the members Yasin Tatby sat with Aamna Isani for a fun conversation where they talked about the formation of the band, their claim to fame and their inspiration. Nasir narrated how their passion for dancing encouraged them to make a group:

“Quick Style was started by Suleman, Bilal, and me. Back in 2003, we started dancing and found out that we wanted to be one group. The branding began in 2005 and we have been together for almost 20 years. Yasin joined us 15 years back.”

Suleman Malik, one of the founders, said:

“We all fell in love with the movement, the dance, and the whole dance community. We would watch videos on YouTube of different dancers such as Michael Jackson.”

Yasin Tatby narrated how he became a part of it: “I started dancing when I was 13-14, but I was more into sports. No one was dancing from where I am from (Oslo). Then I met these guys (pointing towards Bilal, Suleman, and Nasir), and I joined them.”

Nasir Sirikhan shared that he and the twin brothers, Suleman and Bilal have now started a dancing studio to teach individuals who have a passion for dancing and who also join them for their performances. He added that Yasin was one of their first students. “We started a dance studio where we have students, and Yasin was our first student.”

Quick Style

The Quick Style

The twin brothers talked about how they struggled to convince their parents to pursue dancing and how they expected to see ‘medals’ as an aftermath of pursuing dancing.

Yasin mentioned how they feel about people in Pakistan recognizing them:

“We have started to travel together this year and now people have started to recognize us. In Norway, few people know us and it is quite normal there, but here in Pakistan, people recognize us.”

Nasir mentioned how their popularity has aided them in deciphering what people like to see them perform:

“There were many other chances of us getting popular out of all the things we have done but going viral through the dance video (of a friend’s wedding) seems the best way because it was genuine and was for a very honest purpose. Since we have done this for so long, we can pinpoint what people want and create it from our heart.”

Quick Style were a part of Coke Studio Live held in Dubai, where they performed. They met, Kana Yari’s singer Wahab Ali Bugti in Dubai. The group talked about their memorable experience of meeting Wahab and how they felt honored that he performed for them.


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They talked about their passion for their work and how they take inspirations from Korean and Japanese dances. They also talked about the renowned Indian choreographer, Prabhu Deva, and how one of the members, Suleman got inspired by his work and did a remake of an Indian song. In addition, they also added, that how most people can dance but maintaining the right rhythm and motivation are needed.
When asked about how long it takes to choreograph  a song on average, Suleman replied:
“Choreography can take one hour to four hours, it can even take one week. It depends on your motivation and desire.”
Lastly, they also made an announcement for all their Pakistani fans that they will be performing in Pakistan soon.

“We are planning a big show in Pakistan,” said Bilal Malik.

And that would be a treat indeed! Watch the interview here:

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