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As we step into the New Year with hopes and aspirations, there is also a desire to find new ways to spread positivity and good will. Kashmir Cooking Oil has turned our expectations into a reality by bringing our favorite stars in a new light and showcasing their passion of singing with a brand new season of Kashmir Beats!

Kashmir Beats is all about superstars entertaining the masses in an effort to uplift their spirits, as they all start fresh in 2021 with a positive mindset.



For the first time ever, with the dawn of the New Year, Kashmir Beats is presenting 16 superstars like you have never seen them before. The show will release 13 brand new songs that will make you want to sing along. Featuring a star-studded line up with the likes of Faysal Quraishi, Adnan Siddiqui, Hira Mani, Zara Noor Abbas, Asad Siddiqui, Imran Abbas, Ahsan Khan, Asma Abbas, Kinza Hasmi, Faryal Mehmood and many more; you would be amazed to see how well your favorite actors sing brand new and original music.




Unlike other music platforms, where only professional musicians or singers get a chance to sing, Kashmir Beats is bringing something original to the table: a completely different show that will celebrate the love for music that these stars have by providing them with a platform to share it with their fans. You have seen your favorite stars act and dance, laugh and cry but you have never seen this side of their personalities before.

You may have been aware of this talent but many performances will be complete surprise packages; for the first time ever, you will get to see your favorite stars sing like they do for their friends and family. These stars are not professionally-trained singers or musicians but they do have the passion to sing and they are no longer shying away from using it to entertain their fans and give a positive start to 2021.




Director Marketing, Mian Shahzad Khalid, said about the launch of the platform: “During these challenging times, we have been confined to our homes and can’t possibly get together for music festivals/concerts like we once used to. And, nothing brings us together like music. Whether it’s a bonfire with friends or a family get-together, all it needs is one person to start humming and within no time everyone joins in and so it becomes a collective activity. Kashmir Beats is reflective of this very sentiment; whether or not we are trained to sing, we all enjoy it just the same. We are really excited to bring this platform forward!”

Produced and directed by Haris Qadeer and music compositions and lyrics by Shani Haider, Kashmir Beats is all set to explore and experiment with the artists’ talent and bring them in the spotlight.

Here is a glimpse of the songs from the first episode:

O Yaara by Faysal Quraishi and Faryal Mehmood



Soniye by Imran Abbas



Behta Darya by Xarnish Khan



Stay tuned to Kashmir Cooking Oil’s YouTube page for weekly releases by your favorite stars!