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Former adventure show host and controversial social media star, Waqar Zaka has made flagrant statements countless times. Whether these are attention seeking tactics or just a sleazy attempt to remain in the limelight, Waqar has had numerous foot-in-the-mouth moments and last night was no different.

The host posted a video on his Snapchat account, filming Coke Studio’s song ‘Hina ki Khushbu’ featuring Asim Azhar and Samra Khan, where he can be heard slandering the two artists.

These Snapchat stories will definitely ruffle more than a few feathers as Waqar is blatantly body shaming the female vocalist and suggesting that the song – which has 10 million views and 51K likes – was not a big hit as Samra Khan is not petite.  There is no way you can ignore the obnoxious comments he is making about the singers while drawing unnecessary comparisons with Momina Mustehsan. In his frivolous attempt to ‘recognize’ her talent, he made a mockery of the singer.

“Moti aunty gaa rahi hein tou kisi ko pasand nahi aa rahin [People didn’t like it as the singer is a fat aunty],” he stated adding, “Abhi ye patli hoti, good looking hoti Momina type… cheeks patlay honay chahiyen tou aap talent ki qadar karte [If only she had a slender frame like Momina, you would have appreciated her talent],” Waqar commented, crassly.



Waqar yet again let his mouth race ahead of his brain, and this time the unfortunate target was Asim Azhar.

“Larka angrezi hai tou phir sab kuch heavy hai, iski jagah Saleem Javed ya Hassan Jahangir gaa raha hota tou pasand ata aap ko? Iska matlab hai, talent kuch nahi hai shakal hai sab [The guy speaks English so he is considered talented. You wouldn’t have liked Saleem Javed or Hassan Jahangir in his place, proving good looks are preferred over talent],” he remarked.



He is definitely living under a rock as Hassan Jahangir has already performed Hawa Hawa in Coke Studio Season 11 and his song has over 7.7 million views.

He then took digs at Asim Azhar, calling his “Gulistan e Johar ka burger,” who “learnt English in 15 days.”

Waqar’s personalised comments are improper at so many levels. We bet he has lost a few (thousand) sane followers after this gaffe. And we certainly hope he faces the music and learns a lesson to think at least ten times before making such public snafus.