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With Raees a few days shy of its release in India, and the will it/will in not drama still surrounding its release in Pakistan, the Mahira and Shah Rukh Khan starrer has everyone hooked to it. Whether it’s the sensuous ‘Zaalima’ or that sizzling on-screen chemistry, the film’s Midas touch is quickly proving its worth with its promotions.

While the queen of Pakistani media can’t join Bollywood’s king Khan in the promotions of the film, the actress’ recent interview with BBC Urdu’s Fifi Haroon finally settled the dust around everything related to Raees, Mahira’s role, promotions, and of course her upcoming projects.

“It’s a bittersweet thing right now,” Khan said. I’ve invested two years into this. This film is very special and I wish it becomes a big success. I’ve gone and worked outside Pakistan. And, of course acting in a Bollywood film, which I have grown up watching, with an actor who I have built so many fantasies with, it’s really special and I wish I could go promote it, but it’s not in my hands and I understand that,” she added.

Albeit the actress’ presence or rather the lack of it, have left the promotions feeling a little incomplete, she feels fortunate to have been part of the film. Asked whether she felt her role in Raees would be shortened as Fawad Khan’s was in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Mahira replied:

“I don’t know how big of a role Fawad [Khan] had and then what happened and what it turned out to be, but, I am surely thankful that I am in Raees, it’s the same way as it was narrated to me, and I am there in the film,” the actress told Haroon.

Slated to release on 25th January, the film clearly has been one step up in Mahira’s career, which she feels has been huge. However, about moving onto bigger and better things, or what her next steps would be, she remains evasive.

“See, I don’t believe in thinking about what will be my next step ever. I didn’t even think about this when I was doing Raees. If there is something I have learnt in the last year it’s that you can make plans but life is unpredictable and it doesn’t go the way we want it to be. This year has surely taught me this. There are a lot more dreams that I dream now.”

Mahira confirmed that she had signed up for Shoaib Mansoor’s next, Varna.

“In May or June, Shoaib [Mansoor] sb called me up and that’s where I decided I will do his film in comparison to the other projects that were being offered to me. Over these two years, I’ve become scared of answering a question because I don’t think and answer. I respond to whatever is asked of me. I’ve become very self-doubting because that comes from experiences. I am constantly thinking ‘did I say the right thing? I’ve become like a bari amma, about nazar,” she added.

 Whether it’s Raees or Varna, Pakistani media’s golden child, Mahira remains a bastion of what truly star power is with her capabilities of not only being one of the most hardworking actresses in Pakistan, but on the other side of the border as well. However, even she feels that the Indo-Pak conflict may end up letting her not being able to do films with directors she loves.

 “I want to die acting. I don’t like doing anything else. I love acting and I get pleasure from it. For me, directors are a huge part of my love for acting and my biggest regret right now is that the directors I love, I wouldn’t be able to work with them. Mani Ratnam, Vishal Bhardwaj, Imtiaz Ali, these are people I love,” the actress revealed.

You can hear the full interview here: