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After Mahira Khan’s pictures with the Afghan refugee children went viral and garnered the attention of leading Bollywood star Varun Dhawan, there seems to be an even bigger interest in knowing what the Raees star is up to. Well, think no further, since the actress has revealed more about her philanthropic side, herself.

Currently in Peshawar with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Chief, Filippo Grandi — who is in Pakistan for a three-day visit along with UN Humanitarian Chief Mark Lowcock — the actress explained that there’s more work that she will do for the refugees.

“My work with the UNHCR has just begun,” she said at a press conference. “If this imperative issue is being highlighted better, if people are being much more aware if I’m present, then I’d love to contribute.”

The actress also mentioned that she feels happy to visit Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for the first time to meet the refugees. She added that a vast number of children they have seen in the refugee’s camps and she personally wanted to help them and educate them for their bright future.

 “More than half of the refugees are children. This is a huge thing because children are our future,” she said.“If we come together and try to collectively try to help the situation, however, and whatever little way we can, we are only making the future of this world better.”



When asked why she decided to be a part of this project, Mahira told Something Haute, “Honestly for me it’s just paying it forward. Least I can do. It’s also making myself aware of what is happening around the world, beyond the bubble that I live in. Visiting the camps was an eye opener. Speaking to HC Philipo and so many others at UNHCR one starts to understand the issue more, refugee issue is global unfortunately.”

Mahira has also been closely working with SKMH to raise awareness about breast cancer. “Basically SKMH and I go back a long time. And I’ve seen how I could make a difference there. I believe in them, I feel proud to be associated with them. Every year in October no matter what’s happening I take time out to raise awareness for breast cancer.”

What else can we say then that we’re so proud of Mahira?