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Mushk has been a popular drama choice for viewers these days; the reason is not just good writing and an engaging storyline but a handful of powerful performances from all actors to even child star. While we cannot deny that Urwa Hocane, Zara Tareen, Imran Ashraf, Raja Haider and Hassan Ahmed have won us over with their acting skills, there is also another name that not many are aware of; Syeda Hurain, who plays the child bride Masooma, has also delivered a stellar performance.

Something Haute recently caught up with the actor and found out she has worked in 17 dramas and is only 11 years old. Here are some excerpts from the interview:


Which one of your dramas you like the most? 

“My favourite amongst these 17 dramas would be Bandish. I, particularly, enjoyed working in a horror drama and though I am not allowed to watch so many horror films, but I enjoy the genre. It was fun working in it because I had to do a lot of scenes with physical activities like crawling and hanging upside down etc,” Hurain said adding that she has been working since she was five years old.


Hurain in Bandish


How did you prepare for Masooma’s role?

“I am fond of playing games; so I read the script once and then read it again for my mother and then I play games. Then I read it once again when I am going for a shoot and that’s it. I am quite confident as a child,” she laughingly said.


Hurain as a child bride in Mushk

Tell us about your debut film?

“I have already shot for my debut film Lafangay which is the first-ever comedy horror film of Pakistan. I am playing a ghost in it and we have an ensemble cast in it including Sami Khan, Mani etc,” she said.

Watch the complete interview here to find out who are Hurain’s favourite actresses and a lot more: