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Veteran actor Noor-Ul-Hassan has been serving the entertainment industry for 23 years. He has hosted shows, interviewed all the biggest stars and national events of the country and has acted in dozens of prominent projects. His experience and prowess is beyond imagination and that can be seen in his on-screen performances as well as off-screen persona.

In a light-hearted conversation with Aamna Isani and Hassan Choudary of Something Haute, Noor-Ul-Hassan talked at length about his dramas which are currently on air including Dil Na Umeed Tou Nahin (DNUTN), Qayamat, Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 amongst others as well as the Ramazan special Ishq Jalebi.

The actor doesn’t give many interviews despite having so many valuable experiences and he explained the reasons.

“I am trying to learn to live in silence and there is a certain peace in it,” he shared adding that he attributes the sensitivity and concern in his nature to his father’s upbringing. “I am the only brother of 5 sisters, yet I always saw my father caring and loving for his daughters. It taught me to respect women and be a gentleman in all respects of life.”



Noor-Ul-Hassan with Aamna Isani & Hassan Choudary


Talking about how he chooses his scripts and prepares for a role, Noor is very clear that television dramas are a team project, headed by the director who envisions and translates everything on screen.

“After Aangan, I was quite selective about what to do next as Aangan was such a fine script and was a big hit. With time, especially in Cheekh, I started to learn that I need to trust the director. I also make sure to change my clothing for characters; this was suggested to me by Amin Iqbal,” he said.

Noor also expressed that he gets slightly concerned when critics gauge actions of characters. “This is how humans are. They are not one-dimensional and you can never know what one is capable of. There are multiple universes in a human being. I was not at all confident about playing Advocate Ashiq Hussain in Ishq Jalebi, though Saima Akram and Wajahat Hussain both wanted only me in the role. I didn’t find it to be a compliment that they only want me and I had not done comedy for over nine years so I was hesitant,” he shared.

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