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Hamza Ali Abbasi has got his fans excited about his highly anticipated upcoming drama, Alif. Besides Hamza, the drama also features Sajal Aly, Ahsan Khan and Kubra Khan in lead roles so it’s no surprise that this project’s already been generated a lot of buzz.

On popular demand, we visited the Alif set and had an exclusive chat with Hamza and Sajal.

“It’s not just the title that’s unusual. The story is also unusual, in a happy way for me at least. I didn’t want to do a drama because I was doing Maula Jatt, but the story [of Alif] is so riveting that I had to do it so that it can reach the audience. It has Allah’s message,” Hamza said.

He also revealed that his character in Alif mirrors his life in a lot of ways. “My character reflects my real life. It’s about a person who is deeply entrenched in worldly vices and is someone we wouldn’t consider to be a good human being. And then his journey of shedding all those negative things and going towards God and a life which is considered to be a good life. It’s about this transition. It reflects my actual transition from a lot of angles because there was a time when I was a different person and I am a different person now so I see a lot of myself in Momin – the character I am playing.”

Here’s his complete interview and stay tuned for our chat with Sajal!