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With a thrilling journey from super hit dramas on television to successful films in cinemas, Maya Ali has gone from strength to strength. Be it her characters in Teefa in Trouble or Parey Hut Love, or her performance in Aunn Zara, Mann Mayal or the currently airing Pehli Si Muhabbat, Maya is always up for a challenge and has delivered fine performances, receiving praises and accolades. However, her switch from TV to films and then back to the small screen is praise-worthy.

In a recent conversation with Something Haute, Maya shared that it wasn’t a planned move. “My life was planned by the Almighty so I believe it was my destiny. I never planned to become an actress and never even planned a journey of how to reach where I am,” she said.

“When I was offered a film (Teefa in Trouble) after Mann Mayal, I only thought I will be acting in a film next. It wasn’t like I am ‘taking a break’ or ‘leaving TV’… however, before the release of my first film, I was offered Parey Hut Love. I have never worked on two dramas simultaneously and then I had to keep my look a secret for Teefa as well as follow a strict exercise routine. So, the break wasn’t intentional, it just happened,” she shared.


Pehli Si Muhabbat

“I had signed Pehli Si Muhabbat when Shoaib sahab approached me for his next film and when I realized after reading the script that I won’t get this  opportunity again. So, I completed my drama shoot and then went to shoot the first spell of the film,” she said.

“I was offered many films with Sheheryar Munawar after PHL and we used to talk about it that should we do it or not. Then, I was offered four dramas with Sheheryar,” she laughingly said, adding, “Perhaps people like our on-screen chemistry so much that they want us to see more; I thought Sheheryar won’t say YES to this and he thought I may not sign it, and later we realized that this was meant to happen.”


Her next film

“I always wanted to play a journalist who works in the field and I have got a chance to do that in Shoaib Mansoor’s film , ABG,” she said, adding that she would love to play a strong woman in any drama or do a character like Rani Mukerji’s in Black.

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