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Pakistani cinemagoers are bombarded with choice this Eid ul Azha as three films will be releasing simultaneously on the festive occasion. Two of which, Parey Hut Love and Superstar, feature one of the biggest superstars of Pakistan, Mahira Khan. Something Haute caught up with Mahira Khan for an exclusive, heart-to-heart chat with about her upcoming films and much more.

Though Parey Hut Love only has her in a small but significant role and Superstar features her in a lead character, Mahira still isn’t n favour of multiple Eid releases. “Although people say that I only have a cameo in PHL and Superstar is my big film, but I don’t like the idea of multiple Eid releases. We’ve seen films like Teefa in Trouble and Donkey King which were phenomenal at the box office despite being non-holiday releases. However, if my directors want it to be this way, I stand with their decision,” she said.



Mahira also hinted that her role in PHL is not of a courtesan — as we had been thinking — but shied away from revealing more. Moving on to Superstar, we asked Mahira if she was ever in doubt about working with Bilal Ashraf since he hasn’t had a big hit at the box office yet.

“No, absolutely not! However, many people told me to dictate my preferences to the filmmakers. I have never done that; I shared a few names but it was never my decision to make. Bilal has worked really hard on his acting skills and I was taken aback in the first few scenes which we shot together because he performed really well,” Mahira added.

Talking about Bilal Lashari’s directorial, The Legend of Maula Jatt, Mahira joked that she has told Bilal to release it in December. “I have a feeling that they’ll release Maula Jatt on my birthday,” she said and we certainly hope so.

Watch the complete interview to know more about Mahira’s friendship with Fawad Khan, her stance on social media trolls and why she left so suddenly after making a grand entry at the Lux Style Awards 2019: