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Imran Ashraf is an actor par excellence and there is no doubt about it. After his stellar performance in Alif Allah Aur Insaan, the industry finally recognized his potential and offered him roles that he deserved and the actor didn’t disappoint. He has given back to back hits like Ranjha Ranjha Kardi and Inkaar in the past year and now he is winning our hearts in Mushk and Raqse Bismil. He also won an LSA for Best Actor recently for his role as Bhola and we are also looking forward to his debut film Dum Mastam in 2021.

As realized by this brief introduction, Imran does seem to have immersed himself in work. Something Haute recently caught up with the actor and discussed his journey from where he started to where he stands today! Here are some excerpts from the interview:


On his drama choices

“As Zeeshan in Kahin Deep Jalay, I sincerely tried like I always try with each of my characters and it may have not translated well on screen. However, a lot of people loved it. But I own whatever I have done,” he said. Talking about Rehan Chaudhry in Inkaar that was on outright negative role, Imran shared interesting details. “I wasn’t an intentional decision by me but by Kashif Nisar who thought that I should break free from the phenomenon that Bhola has become,” he added.


About Mushk

“I have put my heart and soul in Mushk. You can put all of my struggles in the industry aside and completing Mushk itself was another challenge. I was stuck at various levels then we faced lockdown due to coronavirus, Momal was also expecting, they were closing locations and I will take some wounds to my grave because we weren’t able to shoot some scenes so I think I learnt what mushkil (difficulty) and helplessness is through Mushk,” Imran explained.

“I wanted to portray a novel on television in all its glory. Everybody told me that it would be difficult with dialogues and will look verbose but that’s the fantasy universe I have created. I love my country and my mother tongue so I got a chance and I made the most of it,” he added.


On LSA win

“I think I must have done something right that I won over so many hearts that I got a Popular Award. When people call me humble I wonder why we have made a normal human trait into a noble quality. Humility is normal and should be compulsory… it shouldn’t be an added feature. So I’m grateful that I have received so much love,” Imran shared.

Watch the complete interview here to find out about Raqse Bismil, Dam Mastam and much more: