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The current sensation of drama serial Aangan, Mawra Hocane recently received a law degree from the University of London. The beauty with brains was praised by her fellow actors and fans for her outstanding achievement. Now that the actress has aced academically and professionally with a blockbuster film like JPNA 2 and current hit drama Aangan to her credit, we sat with Mawra to find out more about her journey.

“I agree that my social media fan following played a part in my stardom especially post Sanam Teri Kasam. I was told by Momina Duraid once that ‘the star in you has become bigger than the actor in you’. I understood it well then that nobody can become a star by themselves; it’s the people who make you a star. I am an actor and a social media influencer, and I am happy to be just more than one definition. Now, I am also a lawyer so I can always work on all the three facets,” Mawra said when asked if her larger-than-life public persona has ended up taking over her body of work.

Did she buy her Law degree for 5 crore? How did she deal with comments like ‘oh she’s just a social media star’? This and a lot more in our in-depth interview with Mawra: