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Be it his acting or his seasoned skills as a director, the multitalented Yasir Nawaz never fails to impress. He leaves a long-lasting impact with his projects on the big screen as well as on the small screen. And while he’s had more than his fair share of bad luck with the coronavirus and work in general in 2020, Yasir is currently flying high with two simultaneous successful projects. Mera Dil Mera Dushman and Bikhre Moti, two of his currently on-air drama serials are being received very well. Yasir is also working on his upcoming film titled Chakkar and he plans to bring a lot more exciting projects to our screens in future.

In an exclusive interview with Something Haute, Yasir Nawaz spilled beans on his much-hyped drama Mera Dil Mera Dushman, which concludes this week. The actor/director shared that he was hesitant to play a negative character in this serial but later, we all know how he kept the audience hooked to the screens with his performance.

Talking about Bikhre Moti, Yasir shared that this project highlights a very sensitive yet important issue and aims to convey a message to the audience, especially to parents to take good care of their children. While being overwhelming for some viewers, the drama talks about sexual assault, child marriage and family trauma and highlights related issues in a very impactful manner.

Praising the performance of his co-star Neelam Munir, Yasir said that she is a very talented and versatile actor to work with. He also discussed his next project on the big screen, Chakkar, starring Ahsan Khan, Neelam Munir and Ahmed Hassan. The film was expected to release in 2020 but given the circumstances it has been pushed back.

The Khudgarz director is hopeful that the year 2021 and 2022 will prove to be very fruitful for the entertainment industry of Pakistan, hoping that the depressive 2020 will lead to a boom all over.

Taking us on a virtual tour to his restaurant, The Forest, Yasir Nawaz has an interesting offer exclusive for Something Haute viewers.

Watch the full interview here to see what it is!