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Would you dare to step into a spooky haunted house at night and witness the strange and mysterious happenings? Hassan Choudhary and Aamna Isani of Something Haute did it for the viewers and went to the sets of currently airing horror series Neeli Zinda Hai. Starring Mohib Mirza, Sonia Mishal, Urwa Hocane and child star Tehreem amongst many others, the drama is quite popular because it explores the genre in a convincing manner, making our hearts jump in every episode.

In an exclusive chat with Hassan Choudary of Something Haute, Sonia Mishal gave a tour of the house. She also shared why she decided to spend 102 days at a haunted house to shoot, what paranormal experiences she had while shooting and a lot more.

“I took a 2 year long break from work because of fed up of the same kind of scripts being offered to me; love triangles, divorces, domestic violence and I really wanted to get away from that. People advised against this break as they said ‘out of sight is always out of mind’ but I was adamant to work on something I was passionate about. Then last October, ARY Digital called me for this and I love horror. I’m a paranormal freak; I can’t sleep at night if I don’t watch a creepy movie. I read 8 to 10 episodes in one day and I was sold,” she said.


Sonia Mishal

Sonia Mishal with Hassan Choudary


What was the biggest challenge in playing Sumbul?

“This character is very suppressed by everyone around her and nobody believes her. The constant fight that she has to put up with people to convince them that ‘I’m not mad and this is actually happening’. To get out of that suppressed state was very challenging for me,” she explained.


What do you like about Neeli?

“It is her motherly feeling; that is her only positive trait. As a viewer, if I was watching the drama, at this point I would want to find out the root of the spirit’s actions or why is she close to the child and not a grown up woman like Sumbul,” she added.


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