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Actor Faryal Mehmood who is currently playing Insha’s character in Raqeeb Se is just as gutsy and headstrong in real life as she appears on the screen. After following the play, it is almost impossible to imagine anyone else as Insha other than her, however, Faryal reveals that the channel did not want to cast her. In fact, they tried their best to replace her.

In an unapologetic conversation with Something Haute, Faryal went all out and shared her professional journey in the industry so far. Without beating around the bush, she called a spade a spade and didn’t not worry about the consequences.



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“When I read the script, Insha was so me,” she shared adding that despite fitting so perfectly in that character, the channel did not want her in the drama. “They tried everything… like why should we cast her…oh no, she has issues etc etc.”

“Only Kashif Bhai (Kashif Nisar) stood by me and said I need her to do this project,” she went on to reveal. Faryal added that Kashif’s team is amazing and Bee Gul’s script is flawless, however, she could not compromise on her dignity. She refused to continue after shooting the first spell due to the channels unprofessional and unreasonable behaviour.

“Kashif Bhai refused to redo the scenes I did. I do not know what he did but the channel then abided by all the terms I set.”

Despite facing several issues in the industry and speaking up against two major channels, Faryal believes that as long as she’s honest to herself, she will be fine.

“If you are honest to yourself, if you know what’s right and you just keep your focus on one thing and keep working there is no way anyone can ever stop you.” As far as roles are considered, she wants to do dramas that give away strong messages and help bring a change in society.

“I’m here for a reason. If you can use me it would be great. If not, it’s okay. I’ll just pack my bags and go back.”

Faryal is clearly in no rush to make it big in an industry that is not an easy place to survive in as other actors/artists might say. Watch the complete interview here: