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As much as all of us love to hear singer-cum-actor Farhan Saeed sing a tune, we are also equally excited to see him act, especially after Arsal has win our hearts over and over in Suno Chanda 1 and 2. These days, the actor can be seen in Prem Gali as our beloved romantic hero. Something Haute caught up with the actor recently to find out more about how he selects his roles (which are mostly romantic heroes) and what’s next for him.

Here are few highlights from the interview:


1. Is it a conscious decision on his part to select romantic parts dramas like his songs?


“I don’t think I have sung many romantic songs; majority of them are sad ballads but I would like to sing more romantic songs. However, it is not a conscious effort in acting. I like roles which have a positive message; I stumbled into acting with no plans and luckily I was surrounded by genius minds so I learnt a lot by observing them as I never used to watch dramas myself. I love doing dramas that have strong family values and that was my preference when I did Suno Chanda, and still is with Prem Gali,” Farhan said.


2. Is it also a conscious effort on his part to be active on social media and use it to spread positive messages?


“Yes, I was one of those guys who used to think that I want to study abroad and leave Pakistan. But I remember that day when I went to Mumbai with Jal and someone introduced us as “The Pakistani band…” I will never forget the day. I also don’t like how people with Pakistani passport are being treated at international airports so then I consciously decided to have a voice when I know I have a platform to influence people. Also, recently I also realized during corona that we make legends out of artists only when they pass away so I decided to appreciate our legendary stars who have done so much for the country and the industry,” Farhan shared.


3. How was his experience on the sets of Prem Gali?


“Shooting Prem Gali was a dream; I’ve been very lucky to always have worked with great actors from my first project. Here we have Shamim Hilaly, Waseem Abbas, Qavi Khan, Farah Shah, all these actors who have decades of promising work in the industry. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them; I used to forget camera in front of them, the acting used to happen naturally and that appears on screen as well because people think that Farhan and Hamza are alike,” he said.


4. How difficult it is to work with an ensemble cast like Tich Button?


“Film-making is not child’s play; it is an excruciating task. I believe, as a producer, that film is like a war that we fought for 60-70 days. Everyone in our principal cast is an established actor and then we also had a big cast other than them so we were like a big family. We have worked in terrible conditions and there are always ups and downs but all of these actors endured those experiences with us and made this film happen so I am grateful to them,” he added.


Watch the full interview here to find out about Tich Button’s release and more: