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A Turkish delegation comprising popular drama series Diriliş: Ertuğrul’s executive producer Kamal Tekdin and actor Celal Al met the Prime Minister Imran Khan recently. Pakistani actors Adnan Siddiqui and Humayun Saeed, along with the federal ministers Shibli Faraz and Shaheryar Afridi also attended the meeting in Islamabad. Though there was much speculation in the media about the session, it has now been confirmed by several media reports that the meeting was about the joint venture between Pakistan and Turkey which will feature actors from both countries.

Here is everything Something Haute could find about the “biggest ever” Pakistan-Turkey collaboration:


How it happened?

A prominent name from the industry, Dr Kashif Ansari of Ansari Films, who has been associated with PSL as well, went to Turkey with Adnan Siddiqui and met Ertuğrul’s executive producer Kamal Tekdin. Then they involved Humayun Saeed for this big venture. Later, our actors invited them to Pakistan to have a meeting with PM Imran Khan and others.


Pakistan Turkey


What the project is about?

Supported by the state of Pakistan at all levels, the joint venture is going to be a series based on the renowned sub-continent personality from the Khilafat Movement. Abdur Rehman Peshawari is a historical figure born in 1886 in a affluent family in Peshawar. Around the early 1900s, when Balkan Wars broke out in Europe, Turkey was involved in it. A group of Muslims from Pre-Partition India went to Turkey as paramedics and Abdur Rehman Peshawari became a part of the group when he was only 26 years old. He stayed back when Turkey won the war because he fell in love with the country. He enrolled himself in the military and became a part of the Khilafat Movement later on. Based on him, the working title of the series is Turk Lala.



Who is going to play the titular character?

Turk Lala was a fairly young man, who was assassinated when he was 39 years old. So, it is intriguing to know who is going to play the titular character in the series. Interestingly, Turkish actors will be involved in the project and it will be shot in both countries. There is no confirmation yet whether a Pakistani or Turkish actor will be the lead actor in it. The series is currently in the scripting phase as confirmed by Humayun Saeed.





Turk Lala was also very close to Quaid e Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah and as the most significant part of his life were in the Pre-Partition era so it will be interesting to see how the makers will incorporate other historical figures and events in the show and how the casting will be done.



Release date

The series is in its pre-production phase and hopefully the shoot will start in September 2021. As it is going to be a huge project, there is no confirmation about the release date as of yet.


Find out more details in the video here: