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Pardes has introduced us to a new on-screen jori of Affan Waheed and Dur-e-Fishan Saleem, who are playing Ebad and Aiman respectively. They are representing the second generation in the this story and everyone is now wxcited to find out if their chemistry will supersede what Zoobi and Ahsan has created.

In an exclusive chat with Hassan Choudary of Something Haute, Affan and Dur-e-Fishan shared interesting details about their roles and how they bonded over the drama.



Dur-e-Fishan and Hassan Choudary


“Our track is different from Zoobi and Ahsan’s track but Aiman is a continuation of Zoobi, so I think you’ll find a few similarities. The story will be more about Aiman dealing with her childhood traumas that shaped her,” Dur-e-Fishan said.

“I am happy that I will make an entry in the latter half of the drama because the drama has already picked up an audience, however, it just makes it a bigger responsibility on our part. People are liking Shaista (Lodhi) and Sarmad’s (Khoosat) track and their endearing chemistry so I am not sure if it will take a nosedive or soar high after our entry,” Affan expressed.

Talking about the experience of working with each other for the first time, Dur-e-Fishan shared an interesting anecdote. “Initially, Affan wasn’t sure of working with me; he told the production house as well and then he came on the first day after our first scene and told me that this was his first thought. But from the very next day we were cordial and had a great time working together. The fear of working with a newcomer is quite understandable because it such a big project, so it is natural to speculate if you’ll be able to work with a new person,” she shared.

“Our story is very interesting as we will be students and then will be married so I was thinking about how that will translate on-screen without knowing the person I am working with,” Affan added.

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