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Ongoing drama Fitoor starring Hiba Bukhari with Faysal Quraishi and Wahaj Ali might be receiving public acceptance, however, critics are not too happy with the narrative, especially Hiba’s character, Dilnasheen. It has also been stated that Hiba was probably miscast for the role, considering she does not look as young on screen as she does in real life.

Apart from the need for slaps and the use of the word ‘affair’, the many questions raised are if Hiba’s character or the drama itself makes sense to her and why is Dilnasheen always overdressed.

In a candid interview with Hassan Choudary of Something Haute, Hiba shared her views regarding the ongoing criticism.


Hiba Bukhari and Hassan Choudary


Dilnasheen is flawed and stupid just like any other human, admitted Hiba adding that she likes the character and its journey. “The character is written with all its flaws, since humans are like that,” she said adding that she loves playing it.

As for her wardrobe, she says that it’s how the director visioned Dilnasheen to be.

“You can only take a stand to a certain point after which you just accept it. The responsibility is not just of an actor.” Hiba also shared that she does object if she feels something is not right. As far as the slaps are concerned, she stated that they were the need of the narrative. “There is relevance. Even Sir Faysal did not want to slap but we just had to.”

As for criticism, Hiba says that it does not bother her since there is a backstory that the audience is unaware of. However, when she feels the criticism makes sense, she makes notes and works on it.

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