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The day everyone in the world loves, but many in Pakistan hate, is finally here! That’s right, it’s Valentine’s Day! If you haven’t had enough of the conservatives protesting the day or PEMRA’s decision to ban any celebrations on television, then clearly you haven’t celebrated this day in Pakistan before!

However, fret not! If like us, you take pride in loving others and yourself, we have a list of things you can do today without angering the authorities.


Have a candlelit dinner


Going on a romantic dinner date is what everyone thinks of, world-over when it comes to Valentine’s Day. However, can we for once keep the day about having a simple candle-lit dinner at home? Whether it’s your family or someone special, go for a cozy dinner at home for a time well spent. May we recommend our tried and tested Peony Yankee Candle for the perfect evening?


Wear red right


We’ve all seen people wearing the ghastliest of reds on V-day, but please, do everyone a favour and make a smart choice. Yes, you can still wear sensuous reds, but may we recommend keeping it at a minimum? Head to toe reds are out, so learn from Ayesha Omar’s sleek look and make sure you do V-day right.


Buy yourself a gift


Forget long stem roses and done-to-death teddy bears, PLEASE! This time, why not gift yourself something you’ve been waiting for? We’ve all given gifts to our loved ones, but this time, it’s okay to be selfish. A gift to yourself doesn’t hurt, does it?


A spa day


Continuing with our series of loving thyself, we’re all about pampering our souls with a spa day. We can all use it after a day of work and V-Day should be no different. Book a day of massages and a hammam, and you will understand the most important love of them all; self-love.


Catching up with a friend

Before anyone gets us wrong, we do NOT mean calling up an ex-flame! Please, don’t do that. Think of V-Day as a time to detox and what better than to call up a friend you’ve meant to call but have been too busy to talk to? Pick up your phone, call them up and chat the night away. You can thank us later.