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With the start of the new year, two of the best from the lot of Pakistan’s fresh blood of singers – Asim Azhar and Uzair Jaswal, have decided to give their fans a major surprise and released their music videos.

What do they have in stores for the audience and does one trump the other? We judge!


Asim Azhar ft. Aima Baig’s ‘Teriyaan’


In the number of new singers that Pakistan has made in the last few years, Asim Azhar has to be one of the strongest in regards to his vocals and songwriting skills. Now, with ‘Teriyaan’ he creates a love ballad with Aima Baig. Although a few notes do evoke a Bollywood-esque feel, the song is pure at heart and that works perfectly for this duet. The video, however, doesn’t introduce anything new and falls flat in its charm.


Uzair Jaswal’s ‘Soneya’


Fresh out of Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’, Uzair Jaswal’s homage to 80s kitsch and pop is a fresh reminder that Pakistan’s music scene is not limited to just a few genres one thinks of. Although this is yet another love song juxtaposed with pop beats from Uzair, the song does have a unique look to the hackneyed. Plus, the simple yet quirky video does make it pop out from the screen, which we can’t get enough of.


Verdict: Although both songs offer something new along with the tried and tested formula of a love song, we feel Asim Azhar’s voice wins for its soulfulness. However, if the music video is compared, Uzair Jaswal’s ode to quirk takes the prize hands down!


Which of the two songs do you think is better? Tell us in the comments.