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Usman Mukhtar’s short film, Bench, has been in the news ever since its trailer came out. Recently, the director of the film has announced another achievement; Bench has been selected for  the first Cannes International Independent Film Festival.

“With great humility, joy and pride do we announce that Bench has been selected at the first Cannes International Independent Film Festival – CIIFF. We strive for the love of art and cinema and hope to reach new heights. we will continue making more films and also make it to the one and only Cannes Film Festival one day,” he wrote.



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Starring Rubya Chaudhry and Usman, the film recently won the award for Best Short Film at the South Shore Film Festival in New York. It was also nominated in the Best Short Film category at the Independent Short Awards festival in Los Angeles, USA.

Bench explores the struggles faced by a coupled played by Rubya and Usman. At the moment, the film is doing festival rounds. It will be screened in Pakistan soon.

Established in 2019,CIIFF  is a platform for independent filmmakers to showcase their talents. The first spell of the CIIFF will be held in October 2020 over a two-day event at Espace Miramar, France.