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Society has unrealistic expectations when it comes to women. Recently, actor Ushna Shah schooled a troll who fat-shamed her, and now she has come forward to break the silence surrounding women’s health. The courageous star stands up against menstrual stigmas and speaks out against period shaming like a boss!

After all, why should women be embarrassed by something that is a natural process?

“Normalize being normal about women’s Time of The Month please. You can not begin to imagine how difficult this time is for us. The difficulty varies from woman to woman but for many of us it is a week (or more) of pure hell,” she wrote in an Instagram post addressing the pain that comes with the monthly cycle.

Some women have more severe PMS signs and symptoms than others. She went on to list the symptoms such as mood swings, depression, indigestion, nausea, hunger, acne, insomnia and so on.

“And then the day comes when it begins. It is uncomfortable, messy, PAINFUL (the cramps, oh God the cramps), the swelling (note my hands), bloating, water retention, many of the previous symptoms,” she further described.

“The truth is, all women go through this and it is nothing to be ashamed of. If we take away the embarrassment and the shame and stop being awkward about it, you can help us deal with it and make our days easier,” Ushna went on to explain the motive behind her post.



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She added a picture of her from one of the sets packed with men who made sure she stayed comfortable knowing she was going through a tough time. “I could open up to my team and these men went out of their way to make sure I’d be as comfortable as possible. From a hot water bottle (and continuous refills) to soup to rest between takes, I am in good hands today.”

“P.S: Chocolate helps! Even some kind words make a huge difference. Ask how we are, give us a day off if you have the authority, stock the loo with tissues and trash baskets (please), if we are having an emotional moment.. Be understanding (but don’t blame PMS if we react to something bad you did, lol),” she concluded giving suggestions about how women prefer to be taken care of.

Several female celebrities showed support on her post adding that it’s great that Ushna is using her platform to address important issues and raising awareness.