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Leading Pakistani actress Urwa Hocane has come under fire for a Facebook post that appeared on her official Facebook page yesterday.

Here, take a look:


The post states that with everyone talking about Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding, one can’t help but reminisce about Urwa and Farhan’s wedding which too was the talk of the town when it took place back in December 2017.

We got in touch with Urwa and asked her what’s so wrong with it that she was trolled to no end because of this post.

“First of all, I’d like to clarify that I didn’t do that post. Someone on my team got a bit carried away with the royal wedding and posted that it reminded them of my wedding. Which is quite sweet actually,” she said in an exclusive chat with Something Haute.

Urwa added that clearly, her team member didn’t compare the two weddings. “But of course, we love trolling our own people and that’s what happened. It doesn’t bother me though, in fact, some of the comments were actually quite funny and did make me laugh,” she said.

Well, now that’s some good sportsmanship. We asked Urwa if she reprimanded her team member who made the post and she laughingly replied, “Not at all! How can you punish someone whose only crime is loving you too much?”

Urwa’s sister Mawra too has tweeted in her support: