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Speaking to Entertainment Pakistan in a recent video interview published this weekend, ace writer Khalil ur Rehman Qamar, who’s also directing the upcoming film Kaaf Kangana, made some very critical comments on working with Urwa Hocane. To recap, Qamar said that his first choice for his film was Sohai – whom he let go of on ‘doubts’ – and his second choice was Urwa, who according to the filmmaker, caused him great distress.

In a nutshell, the writer/director suggested that he had offered the role to Urwa just because of Farhan Saeed (who is his close friend) but working with her soon turned into a “scary experience.”

We got in touch with Urwa Hocane for a response on the writer’s allegations.

“Khalil sa’ab always calls me beta and he’s like a father figure to me,” Urwa responded. “He’s older than me and I have nothing but respect for him.”

Why did he call her “scary” then?

“He’s just upset that I couldn’t do the role,” she simplified. “It was a role that first Sohai was supposed to do and then it was offered to me. I agreed but when we sat down and started discussing the character, I realized that there was no compatibility. Khalil sa’ab is essentially a writer and the character he had perceived as a director was not suitable to me. I’ve never worked with him as a director; he did an amazing script for Punjab Nahi Jaungi but as a director his vision for the character did not suit me.”

“I know he’s angry, but I won’t take it personally,” she concluded. “He’s genuinely upset and I understand that. It’s okay if he’s angry with me.”

We have to say that Urwa’s response is extremely mature and dignified and we hope KuQ can connect with her and sort things out amicably. It’s a small industry and it won’t grow if everyone starts indulging in mudslinging and personal attacks.