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We have always been told that shoes matter in making the first impression, but have you ever wondered how footwear defines a personality? Like sartorial choices, the shoes you wear also reflect your daily mood and often have hints about your interests and hobbies. After all, shoes are like armour to protect your feet and serve as a solid foundation to embrace whatever the day brings you.

This takes us to the question: how to choose footwear that captures the essence of someone’s personality while making a style statement? Urban Sole has simplified that for you with their fall/winter 2018 collection titled ‘I am an urban soul’ featuring unique shoe designs for different personal styles. The recent campaign showcases seven distinct personalities with an individual preference for comfort and appearance. Majority of the talented achievers on-board are not mainstream faces, but real-life people excelling in their respective fields.


Loafer lovers are delightful


The tassel loafer definitely lands on a traditional side of the shoe spectrum. Not all millennials would opt for them as the first choice but they might be a perfect fit for authority in casual wear. Men’s wear designer Munib Nawaz — one of the models for the campaign — has an impeccable style sense liked these loafers for an everyday look.


urban sole


Boot wearers take charge


Trendy and understated, sturdy boots are masculine but not hard core. They show that a guy has a style preference which is not flashy. Zain Arif — a photographer who has been featured in the ad campaign — has a rugged fashion sense and thus these boots are a safe yet stylish bet for his profession.


Classic mocs speak of high maintenance


Moccasins signify chic and casual styles alike depending on how you wear them. The smooth leather and suede varieties do require some upkeep and care, without appearing to be complex. The footwear boasts of an uncomplicated style sense with dignified simplicity.


urban sole


Smart, sophisticated slip-ons


If you prefer slip-ons over lace shoes, then comfort and functionality are of utmost importance to you. These are shoe staples that never seem to lose their devout following. Pick a pair with a low key shade or opt for a wild design but these will look great with denim or even a suit. While Jahanzaib Shafique — an event planner — pulled off a semi casual look undeniably well as part of the campaign, blogger Umair Mirza sported a snazzy option.


urban sole


Trendy Oxfords are charming


This casual take on Oxfords is the right pick for a soft-rock style statement as the shoe is a perfect mix of tradition and tailoring, with a hipster edge.


urban sole


The fall/winter collection houses 52 new designs catering to all the consumer needs. Urban Sole has also introduced ‘Reflexole’ shoes which are designed to massage the pressure points with every step. Another line is ‘Racer’ that is designed to make the person move swiftly forward on the track.

Whether your favorite kicks are comfortable platforms or chic leather options, choose Urban Sole to transition perfectly from work to play. Check out the complete collection here.

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