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Despite having his fair share of obstacles while working in the entertainment industry, director and actor Sarmat Khoosat has always brought intelligent and responsible content to the audience. His upcoming web series, Be Gunah is yet another example of quality content.

Slugline Films have recently released a trailer for the upcoming web series. Be Gunah is based on child sexual abuse which is a highly prevailing issue in the country. Having an open discussion about sexual crimes remains taboo in Pakistani households, which adds to the problem. Hence, it has become even more important to highlight the evil and start a conversation.



Be Gunah aims to discuss a different side of the evil; child sexual abuse committed by another child. One cannot even think how a kid could sexually assault another child. But it happens.



The trailer begins to a case of harassment, which also reveals that one of the children has died. Sarmad Khoosat seems to be playing an important child rights lawyer and activist in the show.

The principal characters mirror the thoughts of society;  they find it difficult and troublesome to understand and accept that a child could do something so monstrous to another child.

“I just don’t understand how a kid could even think of sexually assaulting another child,” states one of the characters while another claims, “Children are innocent and have the most humanity in them.”

When the abuser is also a child, doubt dominates over disgust and that is exactly what is shown in the trailer. Several children become a victim of this heinous crime, hence the upcoming web series comes at a time that couldn’t be more relevant.

Other than Sarmad Khoosat, the cast also includes Iman Shahid, Sheherzade Noor Peerzada, Rozina Khan, Abdullah, Anas Ahmed, and Taimur Waqar and many others. 

Be Gunah has been produced in collaboration with Slugline Film, Group Development Pakistan, and the Ministry of Law and Justice Dept. of the Government of Pakistan.



Co-directed by Sikandar-Vincent Khan and Shehryar Ali and co-written by Elia Rathore and Ezza Rathore, the mini-series aimed at protecting child rights and promoting child justice in Pakistan and will be released on YouTube.

Watch the trailer below: