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Gossip, controversies, sarcasm, fun, and copious amount of sass are a few adjectives that best describe one of Bollywood’s most talked-about shows. Can you guess which one we’re referring to? Yes, Bollywood’s agony aunt a.k.a ‘The Unsuitable Boy’ and our most favourite celebrity talk show host Karan Johar returns with an all new season of Koffee with Karan season 6, starting on the 21st of October.

After garnering immense success from all the previous seasons, he is back, all charged up to spill more beans and sass concerning our favourite celebrities. The promo just released and has gotten us at the edge of our seats and you can’t blame us for that!

Launched as the ‘The Unafraid Boy’, the promo seems to be all about getting over inhibitions and saying what’s right even if it lands you in trouble. We bet Karan hasn’t been any different before but we can’t wait to see K-Jo getting candid with superstars and digging out the unlikeliest secrets we thought ever existed. The promo is fearless when it comes to asking all the wrong questions, making many squirm in discomfort but we bet, viewers are in store for some unlimited fun and we really want the show to begin, soon!

Have a look at the promo and share your thoughts.