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The curtains have dropped and the stage with retro themes, neon hues, cheering crowds and a boombox beaming for the lovers of electro-pop music has been finally revealed. No, we aren’t talking about any music video or a concert, but a brand new digital musical series — Velo Sound Station — that was launched this Friday, 20th November with tracks that will echo in music lovers’ minds for years to come.

Produced by renowned musician, Bilal Maqsood, Velo Sound Station has set a benchmark for digital musical shows in Pakistan by releasing three very distinct songs in its first session and all of them became talk of the town within few hours. The debut performances became a sensation on YouTube with Atif Aslam, Umair Jaswal and Nastasha Noorani in spotlight. However, rock star Umair Jaswal stole the show as well as the digital world with a literally ‘alive and kicking’ performance of classic Alamgir song Gagar. In case, you’re wondering how could a dandia-inspired Gagar be so exciting? Well… for that you’ve to watch Umair’s performance.


Gagar like never before!



The singer is receiving love and praises for his modern version of the track in which he has totally transformed the landscape of the song, making it his own. And now his fans and followers are following his footsteps by dancing to the tune. Umair has made sure to make it memorable in every way and get you in the groove so he also added a Gagar kick while performing on stage.

That’s not all, in connection to the vibrant spirit of the song, Umair donned a colorful truck art jacket and danced with an infectious energy with kicks and dabs to mesmerize the audience. Alamgir’s song was a major hit in the 80s weddings and we think this modern rendition of Gagar in Velo Sound Station will cement its place in all 2020 weddings and mehndis. With already 3 million + views on Umair Jaswal’s song, this is the party anthem of this year as well as the next!

In a conversation with Something Haute, Bilal Maqsood revealed a few key details about the lively song:

Gagar was my idea. I wanted to give that song a new twist so I sat with the producer, Ahsan Pervaiz, played around with a lot of sounds and then finally decided on the direction. The new parts that we’ve added narrate the story of the guy who saw the girl with a ‘gagar’ [pitcher] in her hand,” he said.


Velo Sound Station


It was mandatory to ask about the kick and Umair’s wardrobe, and Bilal gave all the credit to those in authority.

“That kick was our choreographers’ idea; Zarmeena and Breakhna are the choreographers of the show. Wardrobe and styling was done by EB. Since the original song has been a part of our traditional weddings and mehndis, the wedding tents (tumboo) that were used in the olden days triggered the idea for this song’s wardrobe,” he added.


Atif’s pop version of Kadi Te Hans Bol


Pakistan’s most celebrated singer, Atif Aslam, dressed up in a shimmering cobalt blue jacket and wore cool shades to give a stellar performance on the remixed version of the Naseebo Lal’s popular track Kadi Te Hans Bol. Atif with his powerful vocals and soulful voice added his signature style to the tune making it a new pop anthem for millenials.


Velo Sound Station


His slick new look, magical performance and dance moves enthralled the inhouse audience as well as listeners who are now hooked to the tune.  It has garnered over 3.2 million views as of now. So, this is definitely going to be the hit pop song of 2020 which will be heard in cars during traffic jams because the song is here to stay and slay!


The new Baby in town


Natasha Noorani gave a nostalgic nod to the 80s synthwave era. Her soft and sweet vocals transported everyone to the days of yore with her original number, Baby Baby. The song has a very groovy vibe and Natasha also dressed in a blush pink pantsuit to complement the tune. Baby Baby has over 2.9 million views so far on YouTube and this makes it a perfect tune to add in your playlist and play on loop.



Format & Lineup


With an aim to revive the electronic pop genre of music in Pakistan, the look and feel of the show as well as the songs have been kept very contemporary yet funky. Velo Sound Station has a five-part episodic format, which will feature 2-3 songs per session. Three songs have been released so far and with 11 more to go (with 14 songs in total), Velo Sound Station has already established a place in people’s heart. The show will feature a combo of covers and originals, so get ready for more groovy tunes in the upcoming episodes. It will feature renowned musicians, emerging talent, with several songs composed by Bilal Maqsood while others brought to the show by the featured artists.


Pop culture inspirations


Another distinctive quality of the show is that it is going to reinforce the connection music has with fashion, as pop stars and singers will be seen in contemporary fashion, making bold statements, as witnessed in the first episode, to revisit and put emphasis on a pop culture that is enjoyed by our urban population. Velo Sound Station’s slogan ‘Pop Don’t Stop’ is a chant for the masses and is a manifestation of what this musical platform stands for: to promote a lifestyle where music, fashion and pop culture fuse together.

Watch out for the upcoming songs that will be released on Friday, November 27th on the digital music series, Velo Sound Station 2020.