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 Recap: Suhana (Sanam Baloch) and Rameez (Shahroze Subzwari) were in love in college and they wanted to spend their lives together until Imtiaz, Suhana’s older cousin, came back to Pakistan and fell in love with Suhana at a family wedding. He proposed. While Suhana’s family felt it may be mismatch because of the age difference, Suhana’s daadi did an istakhara, which indicated that Imtiaz was the right choice for Suhana and the proposal was accepted. This was the beginning of Suhana’s unhappy marriage, despite the fact that Imtiaz doted on her. The climax of the story occurred two episodes ago when he overheard her arguing with her mother that she only married Imtiaz because of the istakhara and ‘Allah ki marzi’ whereas she still felt nothing for him and wanted to be with Rameez.

This is where Teri Raza has taken a big turn.

Imtiaz decides to send Suhana home so that she can pursue the love of her life. Initially one thought that Imtiaz would be hurt and betrayed but he expresses how he believes that Suhana’s parents and family have let her down by forcing her into an unwanted marriage. He wants to divorce her not because she lied and cheated (which she did) but because he feels bad that she had to marry him against her will.

This reminds one of Karan Johar’s Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna and how Rani Mukerjee’s character Maya falls for the bitter and sarcastic Dev (Shah Rukh Khan) despite having the ideal husband in Rishi (Abhishek Bachchan). Truth is that one cannot control what the heart wants and there’s no formula that’ll determine who should be together. In this case Suhana wants to be with Rameez, for all his flaws, and while it may appear unbelievable that she’d choose Rameez over Imtiaz, that is what she wants and what she should get.

It’s also a complicated situation because while Suhana is confused and anxious in the situation, her inner turmoil is set off by the fact that her family has turned against her and NOT because she suddenly has feelings for Imtiaz. She respects him as one would do an elder brother but she has repeatedly expressed lack of love for him. It’s complicated because there’s an istakhara in the picture, which means that we have to believe that Imtiaz and Suhana are meant to be together. Suhana’s marriage to Rameez cannot be her happy ending, as it is not blessed.

The only befitting ending, as I see it, is Suhana spending the rest of her life alone and in misery. She cannot find her happily ever after with Rameez, even if she does marry him, and she does not deserve a happy ending with Imtiaz. However, and because we’re in Pakistan where people want fairy tale happy endings, one does expect her to suddenly have a change of heart and for Imtiaz and Suhana to live happily ever after. But that would be an anti climax, I feel.