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Naumaan Ijaz is such a powerful actor that he adds life to every role he plays on screen. The actor recently played the character of a falsely accused professor in drama serial Dunk that was embroiled into a huge controversy for its plot. We were shown how the professor gets trapped by one of his students (Sana Javed) and her fiance (Bilal Abbas), after which his life completely turns upside down.

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The professor begs and pleads that he’s innocent, however, not many believe him. The accused doesn’t suffer alone, his family goes through the torture too; his wife Saira, played brilliantly by Yasra Rizvi, and a young school-going little daughter, Ghana have to undergo the pain every day following the event.

While the professor tries to stay strong and put up a fight, his helplessness to save his own family from the torture breaks him. It all ends for him when he takes his own life, but the suffering for his family continues.

“I am sure I didn’t disappoint my audience in Dunk,” shared Naumaan Ijaz on social media. While viewers may have not been disappointed by his flawless acting, they were left heartbroken indeed.



The previous episode featuring the professor’s suicide left fans sad and emotional. Have a look at the Twitter reactions:




In most cases, men commit horrible crimes such as sexual assaults and roam freely, however, sometimes, in rare situations, men too get wrongfully accused and that destroys their lives forever. This is exactly what is shown in the drama. Watch the episode below: