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Wow, our music scene is really picking up! This week some of the biggest names in Pakistan’s music industry released some great new music and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Surprisingly, Ali Zafar is on this list (we have been waiting to hear some original music from him). Meesha Shafi is back after just recently releasing ‘Yaar Mere’ with Cornetto Pop Rock 2. Something Haute rounds them up!


Ali Zafar – ‘Ishq

Ali Zafar

We are happy to see Ali Zafar stepping out of his comfort zone and experimenting with something a little different. While ‘Ishq‘ has some similarities with the vibe of ‘Jhoom‘, this new track is a lot more thematic than anything Ali has ever done before. In our opinion.

A little recap will help. ‘Ishq‘ has been written by Ali himself, and was performed on stage at the Lux Style Awards alongside his Teefa in Trouble co-star, Maya Ali. It’s set in a medieval era and narrates what looks like a tragic love story.


Gohar Mumtaz – ‘Parinde

Simply put, ‘Parinde‘ by Gohar Mumtaz isn’t a bad song but it’s nothing new or memorable. It’s very reminiscent of the old Jal days, when Atif Aslam and Jal had just broken up and were producing the same songs with their own interpretations. That was when Farhan Saeed had newly joined the band and tried to fill the void that was created with Atif Aslam’s absence. While Farhan couldn’t match up to Atif’s vocals, whatever Jal created also had its own charm.

Parinde‘ is trying to recreate that charm but for us, it’s not working. It’s time to step up Gohar; you’ve been missing from the music scene but you need to make something stronger to redeem your spot in the world of music.


Gentle Robot – ‘Feel’

We just love how the new guys always tend to stand out in a list of well established names like Ali Zafar and Gohar Rasheed. We happened to stumble upon Gentle Robot when we were doing our weekly musical hunts and heard one of their songs, ‘Feel’ from their debut album of the same name. Sung by Sameen Qasim, ‘Feel’ is absolutely riveting and is perfect for an afternoon where you just want to slow things down and unwind. Also, Qasim’s vocals are infectious. You can’t listen to her sing just once and forget about it.


Fanoos – ‘The Gulmit Anthem’


Much has already been said and written about Zohaib Kazi and Patari’s collaborative work on Fanoos but hear us out please. Their first episode, titled ‘The Gulmit Anthem’, is introducing students from the Bulbulik Heritage Centre in Gilgit. These students are working day and night to preserve their culture and thanks to Fanoos, now their work can be seen and heard all over the world.

One must take the time to appreciate how unique the sound is. Also, if you can’t understand the lyrics, a complete translation can be found on Patari’s Facebook page.


All songs mentioned in this article are available on Patari.