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Pakistan’s premier Imran Khan is one of the few Pakistani celebrities who have always been in the news. Earlier it was because of his stellar cricketing career and now as a politician, the PM has been widely love and critiqued. So much so that he is one of the most favourite celebrities to be mimicked on satirical shows. So, we can only imagine how excited Pakistanis were to spot Imran Khan’s doppelganger and that too in Sialkot.

Twitter has been having a field day since a video of Imran Khan’s lookalike started circulating on social media. A man was filmed while taking a ride in a rickshaw in Sialkot and people think the resemblance is uncanny!

After Iqra Aziz and Mehwish Hayat’s lookalike, how we have someone who looks like our PM and that is not something that Pakistanis on Twitter can easily ignore. Take a look at some funny memes here!

This viral video reminded netizens of Imran Khan’s younger days when he played cricket for the country.




Indians made the most of it to troll him.




Some even suggested he is actually the real deal.


Some were afraid he will now become the next ‘chai wala’ and will appear on every morning show.


A few suggested he looks more like Hrithik Roshan.