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We are eager to see Usman Mukhtar’s entry in Sabaat as Miraal’s psychiatrist, but it is taking too much time. So, the actor has made a wise decision to release the trailer of his short film, Bench, at this perfect time.

The 1-minute 46-second trailer shows Rubya Chaudhry’s character as the main lead narrating the story. She is reflecting upon the decisions she made in her life and the imagery depicts how she has traveled this journey alone and in the end, she has been left alone, sitting on a bench.

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Usman Mukhtar

Usman Mukhtar


The actor-cum-filmmaker Usman has described the short film’s premise as a comment on life’s uncertain nature. “Very rarely is making the right choice easy (in life). This occasion is no exception either,” the YouTube description reads.

The film has been officially selected for various film festivals around the world including the Independent Shorts Awards in LA Festival where it was amongst the finalists as well as the 3rd South Asian Short Film Festival and several others. Usman is aiming to release it digitally soon.

You can watch the trailer here: