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This year Eid ul Azha brings with it big films that guarantee loads of entertainment for the cinema-goers. Jawani Phir Nahin Aani 2, Parwaaz Hai Junoon and Load Wedding will all be competing with each other at the box office and by the look of their teasers and trailers so far, we can say for sure that the competition will be anything but easy!

After releasing a short teaser last month and creating a lot of buzz, the trailer of Nabeel Qureshi and Fiza Ali Meerza’s upcoming film, Load Wedding – starring Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat in lead roles – has now been released only to confirm that the film is a must watch!

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While most socially relevant projects tend to become serious and boring, this one is full of colour, energy and enough drama to keep you engaged, entertained while delivering a message. Set in Punjab, it’s a Pakistan centric film which highlights desi problems that exist in our society. It talks about issues such as the load that comes with weddings in a desi culture and probably every individual living in Pakistan or this part of the world will be able to relate on some level.

Load Wedding tells the tale of a Punjabi munda – played by Fahad Mustafa – living in a small town and in love with a girl (Mehwish Hayat) since he was a kid. But there’s one major problem: his mother will never allow him to get married until he gets his older sister married because what will the society say otherwise! The mother is so hell-bent on having her daughter married that she’d even give her son as dowry and that’s something he cannot accept! And speaking of dowry, that’s the issue that will be tackled in the film.


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While the teaser showed Mehwish Hayat planting a tight slap on Fahad Mustafa’s face and the trailer explains the situation. However, there’s a lot of love and romance that develops, only to be met with heartbreak, tears and further action. The songs are fun, the chemistry is strong and the message important. Mehwish looks lovely and Fahad looks firmly embedded in his character. We’re definitely looking forward to Load Wedding!

Watch the trailer below: