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For years, the world’s loneliest elephant, Kaavan has entertained crowds from his small, barren spot of land in a Pakistani zoo. Now, after being rescued by American pop icon Cher, Kaavan’s journey from isolation and loneliness in Pakistan to freedom and wellbeing in a sanctuary in Cambodia is going to be released on April 22.

Titled Cher & The Loneliest Elephant, the documentary narrates the story of 36-year-old Asian elephant Kaavan’s journey and will run on Paramount+.

The trailer of the documentary taking viewers on “a touching journey about humans, animals, and our connection to all living beings on earth” was recently released.

It is advised to keep your tissues ready for a heart-touching documentary that shares the emotional story of Kaavan revealing what moved Cher to help fight for his freedom. She also recorded the song Walls to bring attention to the issue.

The clip begins with Cher in Islamabad, Pakistan, explaining the long walk necessary to reach the zoo where the elephant was kept.

“I could see him from the distance,” the Oscar winner begins before the footage cuts to the giant mammal, who had a thick chain wrapped around one ankle. “He was shackled. He was suffering,” she continued.”Elephants are just like we are: They are so family-oriented and emotional. And so, I wanted to free him.”

The trailer proceeds with various experts explaining the difficulty of Kaavan, who had been held in captivity for 35 years.

Clips are then shown of the efforts demanded to move Kaavan from the Pakistan zoo and across Asia to a new sanctuary. “We put together the right team. We had to get him out,” Cher reports. “We just didn’t stop fighting.”

The world can witness this incredible true story of hope and salvation exclusively on Paramount+ this Earth Day, April 22.

Watch the trailer here: