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With the sequel of Landa Bazaar ready to air on A-Plus Entertainment as Lal Ishq, we’re all set to see the magic unravel on our television screens. While the first one kept us enthralled throughout its runtime about 15 years ago, this time the show promises more action and an even more thrilling story.

While Lal Ishq will premiere on Saturday, here are our top 3 reasons to watch the show!

The Story

While the original plot revolved around Baali (Babar Ali) –a young man embroiled in the world of crime and corruption, whilst trying to build a relationship with his fiancée, Zohra (Farah Shah) – the sequel will have Ali reprise his role.

Although this time around we’ll see more of Baali without Zohra, we’re sure the story will keep us entertained throughout the narrative. After all, Babar Ali has proven time and again that he’s one actor to look out for.

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The Writer

After countless success through his scripts for Punjab Nahi Jaungi, Sadqay Tumhare, Pyaray Afzal and Zara Yaad Kar amongst others, Khalil-ul-Rehman Qamar is also the brains behind Lal Ishq. While the writer also penned the script for the first one – in which he acted as well, this time, we’re sure Khalil-ul-Rehman is going to add more nuances to the story.

The Debut

Apart from the original cast coming back to the show, we’re looking out for Turab Khalil’s debut, who’s the son of acclaimed writer, Khalil-ul-Rehman Qamar. If his father is anything to go by, then we can be sure that Turab will be a powerhouse of talent as well! Although not much has been revealed about his role yet, we’re sure we’ll tune in on Saturday to find out more.

Check out this OST from Lal Ishq here:

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