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While the first episode of Tonite with HSY was all about the sports factor, the glamourous Meera and Veena Malik made the second episode all about classic Lollywood charm with their presence.

From Meera reminiscing about her journey to Veena talking about evolving into a stronger woman after having a family of her own, the two didn’t leave any stones unturned to prove they’re icons in their own right.

What exactly went down on the sets with Sheru this week? We have the lowdown…


Meera might have just been a school teacher!

Could you ever think of Lollywood without Meera jee being a part of it? Well, there was a chance that would have been true. When asked by HSY about what alternative career she would have been a part of, if not acting, the actress was clear that her future would have been of an educator. “I would have been a teacher in some school in Lahore or Sheikhupura, probably because my mother was a teacher, so I would have joined her,” Meera explained.


On finding inspiration

Although all three – HSY, Meera, and Veena – were quick to admit that all three draw inspiration from each other, the best quote on inspiration HAS to be what Veena had to say! Talking about how she gains confidence, the actress was quick to point that she is her own inspiration. “Whenever I need inspiration, I look into the mirror.”

Now, that’s something!


“I was born a celebrity” – Veena Malik

Leave it to Veena Malik to make the show all about herself, despite someone like Meera sitting next to her. When asked by HSY about living her life under a microscope, where each movement is captured by the media, Veena surely had an answer – but we’re not sure it was exactly for the question asked. “Even when I was a little child, I was the most famous one in my household,” Veena explained. “I was so prominent, so promising and charming, I was always under the radar…I think I was born a celebrity, so I think it came naturally.”

Err..whatever that means!


Neeli ‘designed’ Meera

If you’ve been an avid Lollywood fan during the ’80s and ’90s, there’s a chance you know who Neeli is. However, while she may not have played a huge role in the film industry, she’s played a major one in Meera’s life and her persona. “Neeli has taught me so much,” Meera said. “She told me that I am ‘The Meera jee’ she told me how to act at various places, and even what the shades of life are. She truly designed and changed me!”

So, we guess we now know who to thank for giving us Meera jee! 


On Meera wanting to direct a film on Veena

There are a few rare moments in the film industry and its friendships, and this surely was one, where both Meera and Veena seemed to be in awe of each other. So much so, that Meera even claimed she wanted to make a film on Veena’s tumultuous life. Well…we would have taken it as a compliment, but we don’t think Veena did!

“I want to direct it and I want to cast Veena in it,” Meera explained. However, Veena was quick to clap back. “How much do you know about my life?” She questioned.