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When it comes to quality and entertaining TV talk shows, unfortunately, Pakistan doesn’t have a lot to offer at this moment. Interestingly, there are many variables to gauge whether a chat show is total car crash or an engaging program and one of the biggest factor is the anchor of the show. Now, multitalented star Ahsan Khan realized the potential and need for a good talk show on television and he is all geared up to launch a one-of-a-kind, catering to all tastes, lighthearted and entertaining show titled, Time Out With Ahsan Khan.

Here is what’s more to know about the show:


The show is set in…

The actor-cum-host is very keen to make it more engrossing for all kinds of viewers. Hence, Ahsan won’t be the only person in a lofty apartment, conducting this show; joining him will be his bold and witty landlady, Bebo, who enjoys a love-hate relationship with the star. The fashion savvy Bebo is beautiful, elegant and possessive about her home. So, you will get to see her barge in the middle of interviews like an uninvited guest.



Best of both worlds


Ahsan has conceptualized the show innovatively, mixing the best ingredients for entertainment and making a perfect mocktail. Time Out with Ahsan Khan will have guests over for a hearty chat session but they will also play games. That’s not all, there are many interesting characters that will visit Ahsan during the show. Moreover, the host will not indulge in any stereotypical racist, sexist, misogynistic and homophobic comments for laughs.


Characters to watch out for


If you are eager to know who else you can find on the show, other than Ahsan and Bebo, then brace yourself as the list has many of audience’s favourites. Syed Atif, who is popular on the YouTube platform Nashpati Prime for playing caricatures of Indian personalities like Abhinandan and Arnab Goswami, will be a part of the show. Standup comedian Natalia Gul is also on board as well as our very own Desi Bombshell aka Shumaila Bhatti, Dr. Muhammad Moiz will give viewers doses of entertainment.



Fun segments


The show will be a definite roller-coaster ride as there will be lots of fun segments to be played with the guests in the main lounge. Even done-to-death games like rapid fires will be played with a twist where a guest will be asked to answer as another person (for example: Fahad Mustafa will be answering as Humayun Saeed). Not only this role reversal, but there will be a Shock Therapy segment as well where wrong answers will be penalized with strong electric impulses.


Games & food


The TV area will be used to play games which require screen or digital content like face swap, pup quiz, video charades, what’s in your phone etc. Meanwhile, the dining area will be reserved for all games related to food. You can see some of your favourite celebrities guess secret ingredients, eat hot and spicy wings while answering tough questions and drinking mystery shots. Later, there will be food preparation challenges to determine a guest’s kitchen skills and that will include making smoothies with unusual ingredients, rolling out a perfect gol roti, making salad and waffles! Ain’t it appetizing!


Are you sporty enough?


The show will also find out how sporty and athletic are some of our celebrities by challenging them with physical games. This includes reconstructing a big picture, following clues to find something, solving puzzles and spinning the wheel.


Guest teams


The guest teams have been decided and here is everyone who will be facing each other in Time Out with Ahsan Khan in the first spell:

Fahad Mustafa vs Humayun Saeed, Iqra Aziz vs Yasir Hussain, Ayeza Khan vs Danish Taimoor, Faysal Quraishi vs Aijaz Aslam, Javed Sheikh vs Meera, Momal Sheikh vs Shahzad Sheikh, Nadia Khan vs Sanam Jung, Sunita Marshall vs Hassan Ahmed.

Well these teams have covered all some of favourite A-list celebrities, so it is hard to miss out on even one episode. Don’t forget to watch the introductory episode that aired on Express Entertainment 9th January, 2020. Ahsan gave a tour of the beautiful set as well as a BTS of how the team came up with the industrial design and decor. The host also shared a glimpse of the making of Time Out with Ahsan Khan’s official soundtrack which is an upbeat dance number that is going to stay with us.

All of us are well aware how good Ahsan is as a performer and dancer, but Ahsan also showed us how good his interpersonal skills are in close interactions with his contemporaries like Faysal Quraishi, Aijaz Aslam, Fahad Mustafa, Humayun Saeed, Hassan Ahmed, Sunita Marshall amongst others as well as his seniors like Meera ji and Javed Sheikh. The first episode featured interesting and fun highlights of these stars having a great time while playing games and cooking. These are all clips from the episodes to come so there is much more excitement in store!

You can watch Episode 1 here: