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Fahad Mustafa is undeniably the biggest star across television and film at the moment. His TV show, Jeeto Pakistan has massive following whereas his films are a cinch to be super hit. He has two major releases on Eid ul Azha – Load Wedding and Jawani Phir Nahi Aani 2 – and one of them is most likely going to break all box office records and tip the 100 crore mark in Pakistan.

Fahad Mustafa also looks really good these days. Gone is Abdul Qadir from Main Abdul Qadir Hoon and you have a star, that was made by portraying one of three Na Maloom Afraad, that is here to stay. Fahad may not have signed up for a TV serial in quite some time but his superhit show, Jeeto Pakistan, brings him to the masses day after day. And of course, he has had a hit film every year since 2014. This is year he is positioned to have two.

Adding to his already rich profile is Vocal, his brand of perfume launched by J. Fragrances. The slick ad puts Fahad’s Harpic days way behind him (even though he’s still campaigning for the toilet cleaner) and cast him in a league of international swashbuckling gentlemen. The catch: the ad is a conceptual and executional copy of a 2016 H&M ad featuring David Beckham. Bummer!

Here’s Fahad’s Vocal campaign…



And here’s the David Beckham H&M campaign that was released in 2016…



The look and feel of the campaign is the same. Even the music is the same though the H&M ad plays the superior ‘Pirates’ (The Adventures of Mark Twain) by the London Festival Orchestra. The ad for Vocal attempts at replicating the sound to good (if not original) effect.



There’s the insanely good looking David Beckham noticing people copying his every move in a barber’s shop.



There’s Fahad Mustafa noticing people copying his every move in a barber’s shop in the J. ad.

Notice that even the window pane in the background is the same. The ad of course does not replicate each of Beckham’s moves; the footballer decides to strip for a shower, inspiring a whole crowd to go nude, whereas Fahad stays within modest limits. But you get the drift.

What do you make of it?