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Summer in Karachi is lethal and gets worse as June turns into July but despite the heat and the discomfort that summer comes with, there are things that make the season bearable and almost (dare we say) romantic. We have shortlisted five things that we look forward to every summer, which somewhat makes the heat bearable and yes, most of them are food indulgences. Here are some exotic treats that one wouldn’t mind splurging on, occasionally.

Let’s begin!

1. Falsa with black salt sorbet by Saydyz



This heavenly treat is readily available at most supermarkets these days. While it’s slightly pricey on the pocket (around 700 rupees for half a litre), it’s totally worth it to cool off in these deadly summers. With a tangy kick of falsas and black salt, this can easily be enjoyed more over ice-cream.


2. Jet Sport FTW

This treat is available throughout the year but is best enjoyed during summers. Very easy on the pocket (15 rupees only) this ice lolly is the perfect, guilt-free snack to chill with during the heat.


3. Wonders of Karachi’s signature thelas



Pakistan offers an abundance of seasonal fruits throughout the year but summer really takes the prize for being so generous. While we love typical fruit vendors, speckled all across every city, we especially want to express our love for Karachi’s special thela walas that carry exotic varieties of sweet and sour delicacy fruits. This assortment of goodies is available during peak summers and cannot be missed in any case. Be it round red berries, raw tamarind or the juicy star fruit, you can get a taste of all.


4. Soothing sattu



This drink famously called ‘sattu’ serves as an elixir for summer heat. Made from roasted gram flour, wheat and barley, it’s not just a cooler but has medicinal values and is amazing for losing excess weight. You can mix the powder with sugar or brown sugar, depending on taste and pour chilled water and crushed ice to savor in this heat.


5. The mighty mangoes



Lastly, we present to you the king of all fruits, mangoes. The best ones are to be found in Pakistan so we are blessed, indeed. They are best enjoyed sliced or cut in cubes but you’re more than welcome to try milkshakes and as many desserts you can think of creating with this amazing fruit.