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With 2018 drawing to a close, Peek Freans Sooper has ensured it goes out with a bang with perhaps 2018’s biggest event yet; the live concert of Pakistan’s biggest Sufi-Rock band ever – Junoon!

With a unique campaign featuring nearly 500 musicians playing Junoon’s iconic ‘Hai Jazba Junoon’, Sooper gives Paksitan its own ‘Rockin’1000’ and lets the world know that Junoon is ready to play music for the world once again.

The concert, which is being held at DHA Sports Club (Moin Khan Academy), Karachi on 25 December 2018, is already being termed as the go-to event of the month and perhaps if the news leaks are correct; the biggest musical event in history – one thing’s for sure, after just a weekend of the news hitting the air it has already begun to garner massive attention. Tickets are already on sale for enclosures labelled Silver, Bronze and Platinum as well as a separate lounge named ‘Pink Circle’, which will be exclusively for ladies. Wow! Someone finally came up with this!




When we visited the ticket website we also found out that Sooper is offering a special Early Bird Discount.

Tickets originally priced for PKR 5000 for the Silver and Bronze enclosures are currently on sale for PKR 3000 while those for the Pink Circle and Golden Circle, which are priced at PKR 7500, will now be available for PKR 5000.




For many Junoonis, as their fans are known, this represents the beginning of a new era. So if you are looking to be a part of history, be sure to get your tickets now!

Peek Freans Sooper presents Junoon live in concert:


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