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A casual Saturday means a visit to the mall and this Saturday, I headed to the Mall of Lahore.

After roaming multiple aisles and picking up random things I didn’t even need, we (my mother and I) built up quite an appetite and headed to the food court, where I found a crowd surrounding a stall. Seemed like something new had opened and everyone was dying to try it; sadly, there was nothing new to try in terms of food but there certainly was something new to try for all those who have sensitive teeth!

Turns out, Sensodyne has launched a new type of tooth paste and for it’s promotion they have designated #SensodyneCheckUp spots in every other mall and I just happened to stumble upon one.

Along with a sensitivity test conducted by the Sensodyne check up squad you get a free sample of the toothpaste plus a demo on how to use it AND an ice lolly… pretty neat stuff actually.


I took the sensitivity test, in which I was offered either cold water or an ice lolly (I opted for the ice lolly of course!), and after one bite I discovered that my teeth are a little sensitive around my bottom molars. I have used Sensodyne before, but what’s in this new version that makes it ‘rapid action’?

After speaking to the representatives, I learned that the new Sensodyne Rapid Action is packed with strontium which helps relieve sensitivity rather faster along with fighting tooth decay, keeping the gums healthy and your breath fresh.

Oral hygiene is such an important part of overall hygiene and unfortunately it’s not something we take seriously enough. So if you have sensitive teeth and/or you want to know without paying a ransom fee at the dentist, you should definitely try the sensitivity tests organized by the Sensodyne check up squads and the toothpaste itself. You’ll know how sensitive your teeth are and whether or not you need them to pamper them a little more.

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