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The only reason we ask others about their weekend is so that we can tell them how ours was and this weekend is exciting, ranging from KLF (Karachi Literature Festival) to dessert festival and more, make this the weekend memorable so much so that you can talk about it with your colleagues for the rest of the week. Here’s a list of all the events you can attend:


Friday, March 01 2019 




1) 10th Karachi Literature Festival 




Celebrating the country’s love for literature, the three-day event, KLF is back for its 10th edition. Hosting renowned authors, writers, poets and artists, the event will have several book launches along with performances by artisans including Sheema Kirmani. Documentary films Indus Blues and Rani will also be showcased.

Entry is free.

Location: Beach Luxury Hotel

Timings: 5pm onwards

For information, click here.


2) Return of Dirty comedy at De Cellars




Laughter is a medication without any side effects and to make sure you are in stitches (not literally) the famous dirty comedy night is back. Find the best of stand-up comedians under one roof, cracking jokes that will make your Friday night fun.

Tickets: PKR 1000 [for walk-ins]

Location: De Cellars, Zamzama

Timings: gates open at 7:15pm [show starts at 8:15pm]

For details, click here.


3) Art Mandala with Mahin Hasan 




A means for meditation, exploration and relaxation, art therapy has proven to be therapeutic for many individuals. In this workshop of Mandala art — which is all about circles encompassing the feeling of wholeness and unity — you will be filling in circles with different patterns, colours and symbols on a variety of surfaces including canvas, boards, ceramic plates and more. Experience the calm this Saturday.

Tickets: PKR 5,500

Location: Faraar Gallery, T2F

Timings: 4pm-5:30pm

For more information, click here.


4) Spring Exhibition by Sarah Raza 





The season is finally changing and as the lawn pours in, you want to make sure you have some semi-formals and formals dresses to wear at parties and dinners. This exhibit will have ensembles along with exquisite jewellery that you can wear with your outfit to complete your look.

Entry is free.

Location: Runway Eleven, Building no. 11C/1, lane no. 2 Bukhari commercial

Timings: 3pm

For further details, click here.






1) Pakistan Spring Festival 




Lahore is the city popular for celebrating Basant and to commemorate the kite flying season. The city is organizing a festival which will include entertainment, food and music for the ones still young at heart. Immerse in the festive spirit this weekend!

Tickets: PKR 300

Location: Al Jalil Garden

Timings: 3pm-12am

For more, click here.


2) Packages Dessert Fest 




No matter what you eat, there’s always room for dessert. Giving the bakers a chance, this event is going to give life to all your baking dreams. In front of a live audience and renowned Pakistani pastry chef Muneeze Khalid, the winner will get a chance to start out their baking dream with a free kiosk at Packages Mall for six months.

Entry is free.

Location: Packages Mall

Timings: 4pm onwards

For details visit their page.


Saturday, March 02 2019 




1) Girls in the Ghar 




Ahead of the International Women’s Day, do what you’ve been longing to do; be creative and be expressive. The evening is yours so, bring in rap, a song, a joke or whatever it is that you want to say and inspire others. You don’t want to miss an evening filled with music, inspiration and rhythm.

Tickets: PKR 50

Location: TDF Ghar, M.A. Jinnah Road

Timings: 7pm-9pm

For queries, click here.


2) Aaj Rung Hai 




A night filled with devotional music where you get the chance to relish the love for The One, acclaimed qawwals Fariduddin Fayaz and Abu Mohammed will transport you to an otherworldly experience. The performance will be followed by a dinner.

Tickets: PKR 5,000 (available at Agha’s Supermarket & Mcdonald’s Seaview)

Location: Indus Valley School of Arts & Architecture

Timings: 7:30pm-11:30pm

For ticket details, contact: 0323 2001734


3) Elan Bazaar 




Celebrating women and their craft, Elan Bazaar is bringing talented women under one roof who deserve the acknowledgement. From handmade crafts to lifestyle and home-decor products made of clay, glass and leatherette and cosmetics, you fill find exquisite items at reasonable prices at this one-day exhibit. Revamp your wardrobe as you savour the tasty treats available at the event.

Entry is free.

Location: The Global Marquees (Crystal), next to FTC

Timings: 2pm-9pm

For more, click here.




1) LalQila Women’s Day Celebrations 




As March rings in, International Women’s Day celebrations are in full swing and nothing says ‘celebration’ better than a dinner with your girlfriends. Enjoy an exclusive female offer for dinner, lunch or hi-tea.

For reservations, contact the restaurant

Location: LalQila, 11/A, Babar block

Timings: 1pm-11pm

Got questions? Click here.


2) Jani – A tribute to Jaun Elia 




The renowned Pakistani progressive poet, Jaun Elia has always been scrutinized for his liberal unpopular opinions about the world surrounding him. The poet has been often misjudged as a depressed man who continues to write prose for a lost lover, however, this event will explore who he really was.

Tickets: PKR 750

Location: Olomopolo Media

Timings: 7:30pm-9pm

For information, click here.


Sunday, March 03 2019 




1) Rani – Pakistan Premiere 




Premiering for the audience and Pakistani critics at KLF, Rani is a film about a Pakistani transgender woman who sets out to look after an abandoned baby. The film marks transgender activist and model Kami Sid’s debut. The premiere will be followed by a panel discussion with the cast and crew.

Entry is free.

Location: Beach Luxury Hotel

Timings: 4:45pm-5:45pm

For details, click here.


2) Basant and Spring Festival 




Welcoming the season of colours and bloom, the DACC is organizing their celebrated Basant and Spring Festival, again. Hosting a wide variety of fun-filled activities including kite flying, live music and competitions, the event caters to people of all ages, ensuring that is complete entertainment for the entire family.

For ticket details contact the organizers.

Location: Defence Authority Country & Golf Club

Timings: 11am-11pm

For additional details, contact 0324 2137596 or visit their page.


3) Super Space Express 




Taking you on a recreational trip unlike any other, this savari will stop only at the most fun venues around Karachi. The guided visit will make a stop at Aladdin Park and Super Space to make sure you have a trip to remember with friends and family followed by refreshments and lunch.

Tickets: PKR 2750

Location: Super Savari Express Head Office

Timings: 12pm-5pm

Get details here.


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