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We’re 8 episodes into Teri Raza and every week I watch the first 30 minutes of the drama serial wondering why it’s dragging along so painfully; I pledge to stop watching. But every week the last 6 minutes evolve with a mild twist (nothing earth shattering) and I find myself back in front of the TV set.

That is exactly what happened yesterday. The first 30 minutes passed with Suhana getting married and moping after her true love, Rameez. Her emotions ranged from anger to depression to hurt to betrayal and then finally, rebellion. These are the exact emotions we have been seeing her express in the last 3 episodes and they have not helped the storyline move along at all. Hence, it all felt repetitive and monotonous.

Again, the most interesting character was Imtiaz. I genuinely felt he would be the kind of old school romantic who would surely sacrifice his boiled egg or sleep for his lady love. But Imtiaz’s personality surprised me and actually intrigued me. He makes a fuss when his cook makes him an omelet instead of his usual boring boiled egg and he urges Suhana to turn the lights out as he sleeps in absolute darkness, early and says he doesn’t like to be disturbed. That kind of wipes out the idea of a romantic turn in. There’s obviously no intimacy between them. And they apparently don’t even go for a honeymoon.

So when Suhana adds boredom to her range of emotions, you can’t really blame her. Here’s this fiery young girl who was enjoying a racy time with the reckless albeit unreliable Rameez and she gets stuck with an “old man who seems to be the spirit of a World War 2 war hero.” Yikes! And she’s complaining to her mother about him when he overhears their conversation.

It’s not a cliffhanger but it is a curious turn of events. Will Imtiaz turn over a young leaf or will Suhana have to compromise with his old fashioned ways. I guess I will be watching to find out next week.

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