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After creating a lot of curiosity and anticipation, the first teaser of drama serial Dunk has finally been released and it’s safe to say that it truly lives up to the expectations and hype. The drama stars Bilal Abbas and Sana Javed along with veteran actor Naumaan Ejaz in striking characters caught in an interesting and unusual storyline.

The teaser opens to an angry crowd attacking a college professor, Humayun (Naumaan Ejaz) for harassing a female student (Sana Javed). Teachers are like second parents, and the faculty along with students are angry at him for disrespecting such an honorable profession.

The professor begs and pleads that he’s innocent, however, no one believes him.  Haider (Bilal Abbas) who happens to be a friend of the abused is determined to punish the abuser for the crime.

The professor doesn’t suffer alone, his family goes through the torture too; he has a wife (Yasra Rizvi) and a young school-going little daughter. What hits him and the audience is when his own daughter blames him for ‘bad touch’.

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While on the surface it looks like a simple story of harassment in schools and colleges that many girls face on a regular basis, one cannot help but feel bad for the professor and the OST helps build his case.



There are a number of dramas revolving around social issues, such as harassment, but, not many show the other side of the story; false allegations.

In most cases, men do monstrous crimes and get away because women are too scared to speak up in a country like ours, however, sometimes, in rare situations, men get wrongfully accused too and that destroys their lives forever.



After watching the teaser, we wonder if it’s a story of character assassination. “It is a murder mystery,” Bilal had earlier shared in an exclusive interview with Something Haute.

The teaser itself has triggered a conversation around the subject and one wonders if professor Humayun is actually a bad guy or not. When we talk about equality, it means giving equal consideration to both sides of the story. One can only know how the story unfolds once the drama finally airs.

Judging from the clip so far, we assume Dunk will be an intense drama with the potential to become a blockbuster packed with powerful performances.

Produced by Big Bang Productions and directed by Badar Mehmood, the story has been penned by Mohsin Ali. In addition to the three main leads, the cast also includes Yasra Rizvi, Fahad Sheikh, and Azekah Daniel in important roles.

Watch the teaser here: