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There’s at least one Taimur in every Pakistani family; it really is a common albeit sort of regal name with undoubted historical references. Other than being a fierce leader Emir Timur (1336-1405) was a great patron of art and architecture and was known for being an intellectual. Sure, he was an equally strong warrior; scholars estimate that his military campaigns were responsible for the death of over 15 million people. But come on, the outrage being expressed over Kareena and Saif naming their first born Taimur Ali Khan is preposterous!

We can’t begin to imagine how the parents must be feeling after reading the absolutely vitriolic comments on social media.


Can't begin to imagine what kind of a human being would wish cancer upon a new born baby.



We can’t begin to imagine what kind of a human being would wish cancer upon a new born baby. And this is just one comment. There are hundreds of others, which actually draws attention to how similar people on both sides of the border really are. It’s somewhat reassuring that fanatics on the other side are equally venomous as they are on this side.





This one is as funny as it is bizarre. If you understand what it means then kindly enlighten us as well. And finally, drawing the discussion to a conclusion, we love Rishi Kapoor’s reaction. He certainly did not mince his words or sentiments in expressing how he felt about peoples’ objections…




All we can say is that Taimur Ali Khan is as cute as a button (if the pictures are real) and he’s been trending for two days so is already a superstar! And we’re wondering, what kind of names would outrage RW fanatics in Pakistan? No marks for suggesting ‘Modi’!