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Having launched in 2008, Syeda Amera’s fashion label has achieved great international recognition at a fast pace. Her many achievements include being featured in British Vogue, Glamour UK and ELLE UK, along with having participated in international fashion weeks. Having previously worked with the renowned model and fashion producer Jessica Minh Anh multiple times, last week Amera had the pleasure of once again being part of the model’s grand fashion production, which took place atop the Hoover Dam in America.

Her latest Spring/Summer collection was inspired by the classic aesthetic of florals, one trend that is here to reign for years to come. Flower-power consisted of vivid colours and innovative silhouettes, decorated in an assortment of exotic flowers like lilies, daisies and poppies. Full-length floral dresses, jumpsuits, statement sleeves and eye-catching silhouettes were prevalent in her collection, along with the addition of graphic floral prints that varied in each design. The tailoring of the ensembles was top-notch while the collection itself was a joyous celebration of femininity with the perfect amount of elegance.

Syeda Amera

‘Flower-power’ showcased atop the Hoover Dam, featured a burst of colours and prints

We got in touch with the designer to find out how she managed to expand globally, as well as her experience showcasing at these major fashion productions.

SH: How important do you feel it is for a Pakistani designer to expand internationally and what were the major difficulties you faced when doing so? What has the commercial market been like for you abroad, as compared to locally?

Syeda Amera: As a fashion designer I strongly believe that we live in a global village where international borders mean little. However, when it comes to international expansion, the importance of cultural differences cannot be underestimated. Indeed, I have found out the hard way that what works at home can go down very differently in a foreign market. Keeping a clear idea of your brand’s core values and identity is key to expanding overseas.

International business expansion is no easy feat. But, with thorough research, a clear strategy and the right support, there’s no reason you can’t make your business a success in foreign markets. Different cultures, customs and habits can make or break a brand’s international launch. While it’s important to adapt your brand to meet the needs of a foreign market, be wary of adapting more than is necessary. Finding the right balance between adapting to local markets and still maintaining a clear brand identity is something that every brand should work for.

SH: How would you compare your experience at local fashion weeks with international ones? What do you think we are lacking most in Pakistan when it comes to our fashion industry and fashion weeks?

Syeda Amera: Apart from the trashy ill-fitting western wear attempts and feminine clothing for men, I think our local fashion designers have really built a softer image of our country. Especially with celebrities and designers coming from across the borders to participate in our fashion shows, I really feel that our local fashion industry has progressed. When it comes to comparing, the local fashion weeks obviously lack versatility and innovation.

The famous Jessica Minh Anh wearing Syeda’s creation

SH: What has your experience working with Jessica Minh Anh been like?

Syeda Amera: Jessica Minh Anh is the most organized and professional lady I have come across. J Model management has proved itself to be the most organized agency, producing fashion shows with designers from all around the world at the most exotic venues. They provide designers with a platform to be recognized in more than 40 countries over 5 continents. Working with the top teams of models, technicians, organizers and journalists, Jessica Minh Anh is truly amazing to work with. It is always a pleasure to be a part of her history making catwalks.

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