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Syed Noor has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately with the failure of Chain Aye Na and the rebuttals he has given to the critics. However, this time around the filmmaker is making headlines about his marriage with Saima, and it seems he is having none of it.

While various local blogs had reported that the director has parted ways with his wife, Saima, Syed Noor has now refuted all claims and have called the rumours ‘baseless’. He recently released a short video – where he can be seen sitting with Saima – that clarifies the whole situation.



“Since the last few days, I’ve been seeing this rumour spread around social media,” Syed Noor said. “We didn’t respond to it since we don’t care about such things, and neither do we like it. However, since a number of local publications have escalated the rumour about us [Saima and I], I just want to say the claim that we’re separating is absolutely crass and shameless.”

Although Saima didn’t say anything in the video, the filmmaker was adamant on the fact that if the hearsay is not stopped, they will take to social media to expose such blogs.