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Bollywood saw another star kid make their debut through a photoshoot for one of fashion’s biggest publications worldwide, Vogue Magazine. Let’s consider that a big deal because it surely is!

Tuesday night was the big unveiling of Suhana Khan’s magazine cover for Vogue India at the Vogue Beauty Awards. Many known faces were present at the event and the proud father Shah Rukh Khan took the entitlement to reveal the Vogue issue featuring his only daughter Suhana to the world. Must be a proud moment for the Khan family to witness another star-in-the-making.

Shah Rukh didn’t miss a chance to express his sentiments as he sounded rather overwhelmed judging by his tweet.



Several congratulatory messages flew in after the cover was made public. But some questions compelled us to think more than what we see.

Is Suhana Khan’s only claim to fame being one of India’s ruling stars’ daughter? What has she done yet to deserve a place on the cover of the most prestigious fashion publications? Those are some questions we guess we’ll never get an answer to!


We know belonging to a star family is bound to have its benefits but is that how one would like to start? Shah Rukh Khan made it big on his own and it’s commendable to see how far he’s made. But why would he not want to instill the same discipline in his children? Having the same interest as her father makes complete sense but one needs to earn the place for it rather than landing a debut at a fashion photo-shoot. Just makes one think, doesn’t it?


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